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 Tom and Jerry's adventure

We are going to write a joint story.

Adam will write in red

Darren will write in blue



   Once upon a time there was a teenage boy called tom he had blonde short hair with spike's and red evil eyes he had ragedy clother and a top with flame's running down it.He thought he was the last person in the world but then on the hill he saw a girl so tom ran as fast as he could to get to her.When he reached her he said "who are you.""She said my name is Jerry."Jerry has long black hair with glittering pink eyes she had a long pink skirt with lovly roses on it.They both went to Tom's house and Jerry tolled Tom that she new a great place to go, "do you want to come with me "said Jerry"il think about it said tom.Then tom finally decided, tom said "ok then."Tom started to pack and when he was packing he took a knife from what was his kitchen and put it in his bag.


 They set off to go to this place and on the way they had to go down a drain into the sewer's.They walked through the sewer's for an hour.Half way there said Jerry was sick.Tom said to her "are you ok." "yes" Jerry said im fine.so they set of.they aventualy got to the other drain and they popped there heads up the drain.It was a forest they got up out of the drain.They seen a giant house about 2 miles away.They set off through the forest.Then Jerry said "i think i cought a disese."tom said "don't worry you'll be fine."so they set of again.they were half way through the forest then they see lots of bears.tom said "be quit or they'll see us and chase us."so they ran qietly to the house and ran inside.Then jerry collapsed,dont leave me with tears in his eyes she died.


            The end


              Adam L & Darren m

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